THE FUTURE IS STILL UNWRITTEN is a project started in 2013 by Daisy Chain from Athens, Kronstadt from Barcelona and Refpolk from Berlin. It is a statement of resistance beyond national borders in times of crisis and an alleged lack of alternatives. Rap in three languages of people coming from different backgrounds, who share their belief in a world free from capitalism and oppression. Daisy Chain, Kronstadt and Refpolk are supported by Miss Zebra (Athen) and DJ KaiKani (Berlin).

Daisy Chain is a rap artist from Athens. She is member and voice of Arma di Scelta, a rap project that released the album ‘ Όπλο επιλογής’ in 2012. In her lyrics she talks about how to get back the control of our lives through our own ‘weapons of choice’. The last few years she has participated mainly in live concerts that are cause oriented and in gigs that exist ‘for a reason’. Most of the times she has performed with Mis Zebra, also a rap artist coming from the hip hop group ΠARANOIA, active since 2002 and based in Crete island. What brings them together is their common belief that everyone was born free with a right to choose his own life.

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Kronstadt is an Anarchist HipHop project, started in 2005 by Albert, an anarchist militant from Barcelona. The name Kronstadt is a tribute to the rebellion of the city Kronstadt in Russia, where the factory and land workers, the sailors and all the united people were fighting against ‘Zar’ oppression, and after this against Bolxevist oppression. It emphasises the struggle against all kinds of domination. Kronstadt’s songs are full of passion, love, struggles and hate against prisons, politicians, authority, patriarchy. He released two mixtapes: ‘En pie de Guerra’ (2008), and ‘rApCCION DIRECTA’ (2010). Kronstadt is also a part of Defensa Interior, an anarchist HipHop crew from Spain.

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Refpolk is a rap artist and political activist from Berlin. After playing over 200 gigs and releasing two albums with his crew Schlagzeiln Refpolk presented his first solo release „Beyond myself“ in 2012. Fighting against fascism in Europe, supporting feminist struggles or reflecting experiences of police brutality, Refpolk does not keep his own weakness and contradictions a secret. Based on everyday life his music is passionate as well as honest. His partner DJ KaiKani supports him live on stage. Both are part of the left-wing hip hop collective TickTickBoom from Germany.

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