Keep on fighting – Solidarity with refugees in Greece!


The amount of money we collected on the ONE WAY TICKET tour, gave us the opportunity to support 3 different projects: *The Health Group of the self-organized Initiative Solidarity of Pedion Areos, and the squats *Gini and *Notara26. See below for more info about those projects.

This time besides the financial support, we focused on supply (food, everyday objects, clothes) and medicine (medicaments). We are very happy that we saw so many smiling faces…we want to continue this support and we ask everyone of you to support in whatever way you can.

Right now the situation in Greece is even crazier, media and police are accusing the self-organized activists, who have given all they got in the name of solidarity and who have worked without getting payed. Besides the propaganda comrades are attacked, even sent to jail. They are trying to persuade the people that only NGOs are doing a good job. But this is not true at all. Solidarity activists, supporters, doctors, who are working with refugees, are the ones, that have been there from the very beginning. They are the ones, that have fought for and with the refugees, when the police or other enemies like fascists started attacks.

The states is planning to put all refugees in camps (that are not ready at all to host people, they do not even have the basic structure) and to «clear» the ports and occupied buildings from the refugees.

At the moment, they say that the self-organized activists and the squats will be evicted directly after the police will have put the refugees in camps. Both of the two plans are unacceptable and we really have to stop this.

Please take it seriously.

*Ομάδα Υγείας της Αυτοοργανωμένης Πρωτοβουλίας Αλληλεγγύης του Πεδίου του Άρεως (Omada Ygias tis Aftoorganomenis Protovoulias Allileggis tou Pediou tou Areos, The Health Group of the self-organized Solidarity Initiative of Pedion Areos) «unwaveringly continues providing primary health care for refugees and immigrants. It has been active already eight months on the road and in structures, where state institutions, NGOs and other speculators and opportunists do not get in. Therefore, our actions in Pedio of Areos, Victoria, Skala Sykaminia, Lesvos, Idomeni and elsewhere, follow the movement and wishes of the refugees, but neither the state nor institutional constraints. For this reason, we operate almost on a daily basis mainly in Victoria and the surrounding streets as well as in the squat Gini (Γκίνη). In emergencies we support the squats Notara 26 (Νοταρά26) and Themistokleous 58 (Θεμιστοκλέους 58).»

*Occupation at Gini Building in Athens Polytechnic
«At Monday afternoon 29/02/2016, after an initiative of Themistocleous 58 squat and with collaboration with solidaritarians, we occupied the Gini building at Athens Polytechnic, in order to provide shelter to refugee families that at this moment are being tossed at Victoria Square.
We invite groups, collectives and individuals to support effectively the occupation for the purpose of turning this building to a center of struggle and resistance against the states and their borders.

Comment from TFISU:
The squat does not accept money, just supplies and everyday objects, and there is not a bank account or a link. The list with the needs (which are a lot because more than 160 people are living there at the moment) is announced on

*Νοταρά26 (Notara26, name of the street and the house number) is a squat in Athens, where more than 100 refugees can stay and get food. Also their kids can just have a good time there…and so many other things.
You can also listen to an interview in English here:

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