Not from time to time…but always. Solidarity with refugees in Greece


Dear friends & comrades,

we would like to let you know that from the amount of money we collected as Refpolk and Daisy Chain with our solidarity box in Munich and Dresden plus some money left from the One Way Ticket tour, we managed again to support a “new” squat for refugees called Θεμιστοκλέους 58 (Themistokleous 58) in Exarchia/Athens. 40 people stay here (grown ups and children), most of them were living in the squat “Gini” before and moved to Themistokleous after the end of this squat. Gini is one of the squats that we supported the last time, but it doesn’t exist anymore. It wasn’t evicted, but most of the families living there found their way to the borders, or moved to other places. Anarchists and refugees there worked together, without any support of NGO’s, media, reporters or other system help…

We would also like to let you know that Themistokleous is trying to build in the next building an anarchist library at the moment. So if anyone wants to send them any books or brochures from all around the word, they would appreciate it very much. If you are interested, just let us know, or write them directly:

It was very nice to talk to the people and exchanging ideas, and of course to see some faces happy and shining 🙂

But guys, let’s keep this in mind: With some supplies and some money we are not solving the problem…no one should live like this and feel good…. We have to fight for the people not to be in those situations… We have to fight against any system or statement that does not respect the people…that doesn’t care for thousands of dead and drowned…We have to fight for a better world, and not to stop as soon as our “beautiful” personal world is harmed or touched…solidarity and team work is our weapon.

We wish everyone the best.

The future is still unwritten

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